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Monday 11 December 2023  IST
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Workshop and Materials Testing Laboratory
Shri S.P. Srivastava
Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering)
  • As the part of the academic activities at undergraduate and post graduate levels of various department of studies Material testing and Surveying Laboratory has been established in order to impart practical learning to the students in their relevant field. The students of different departments of studies  visit the lab regularly as per their academic programme and for other research works. The intent of the lab is to make the students conversant with the behavior of structural material like Bricks, Concrete, Timber, Steel, etc. under different loading conditions as well as to test the quality of a building unit.
  •            The lab is equipped with Destructive test equipments like Universal Tensile testing Machine (40T-cap.GDR make) and a Compression testing machine (200T-Cap.GDR make). Both the Machines are interfaced with computer. Similarly Non destructive test equipments like  Digital Ultra-Sonic concrete tester Pulse velocity, Rebound-Hammer etc. are available in the Lab.
  •          A no. of C.I. moulds like Cubes, Cylinders, Beams, etc. are available  for the students. These moulds are casted in concrete by the students with different mix proportions and with different admixtures. The same are tested on the machine after certain standard period of curing them in curing tanks available in Lab.
  •          Other testing equipments for carrying out slump test, compaction factor test, setting time of cement etc. to study the physical properties of concrete are available in the lab. Also Structural models are being prepared by the students  and tested under different loading conditions.
  •           In addition the Lab. is equipped with modern and sensitive Surveying Instruments like Electronic Total Station etc.
  •           The Lab. is being upgraded from time in order to introduce the Instruments based upon the latest technology.